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Immigrants get dream homes with mortgage brokers in Ottawa

September 30, 2019 | Posted by: The Mortgage Captain - Ottawa, Toronto and Ontario Mortgage Brokers

Buying a dream home is something we plan for all our life. Anyone working to provide their family a good life also wants to own a home for their family and the future generations. It is a legacy that we also want to leave behind for our future generations. Just as it is difficult for a citizen of a country to buy a home in his native state, it is an even bigger task and seems almost impossible for new immigrants. They turn to mortgage brokers in Ottawa to find the right home.

But it is no small task to buy a home. New immigrants mostly live in rented houses, even though they may be in a position to buy a house on mortgage. This happens because they are relatively new in the country and have little or no credit history. As is well known, all banks and financial institutions need proof of the credit history to approve a mortgage. Therefore, people who have moved comparatively recently to a country may find it nearly impossible to buy a house there.

Mortgage Captain can help new immigrants realise their dream. Since new immigrants do not have a long credit history, Mortgage Captain has some alternate solutions to the problem. Being one of the major mortgage brokers in Ottawa area, they have a team of experts who can find solutions. Instead of your credit history in Canada only, Mortgage Captain can help you present your international credit history and other successful lines of credit, where you have been regular in making monthly payments, such as the utilities, phone bills, etc.

With a large network of more than 50 lenders they are one of the biggest mortgage brokers in Ottawa area.  So they can help you get just the right mortgage as per your requirement. Besides apprising you about the best interest rate they will guide you all along the process. They will help you to analyze the pros and cons of each offer from every potential lender. Mortgage Captain ensures that you do not get confused and your best interests are always their top priority. Even after you have decided upon the mortgage offer they can help you with other aspects like refinancing, taxes, etc. So you can be assured that you will be taken through the process from the beginning till the end.

Mortgage Captain have earned the reputation of being the best mortgage broker in Ottawa area because of their exceptional team and their personal interest in each and every client’s needs. You can trust them with your future and with your finances too.

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