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As a top online mortgage broker in Ontario, Mortgage Captain provides efficient virtual mortgage solutions in Ontario by connecting personal and commercial borrowers with a network of over 50 lenders resulting in quality mortgages. No need to make an appointment at the bank. You can sit back and apply for a mortgage in the comfort of your home with the help of an online mortgage broker. Our fast and easy online mortgage approval application and approval system guarantees you a hassle-free and comfortable mortgage process.

Protect your credit score by using a mortgage broker to collect and evaluate mortgage interest rates. Every time you approach a bank, they run a credit check that damages your credit score. Mortgage brokers avoid that land mine entirely.

At, we can find mortgage solutions for borrowers with either good credit or bad credit. Even if you have declared bankruptcy in the past, we can still help you find an affordable mortgage solution!

You can leverage short-term loans in order to return your credit score to a healthy level. As you pay off the short-term loan, it raises your credit score little by little. Eventually, it will be healthy enough to open up access to a wider range of flexible and affordable mortgage financing options. Most financial institutions won’t give you that kind of rate if you’ve got bad credit or are in a poor situation.

Mortgage Captain can.

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Since we are an efficient, innovative and lean online company, we can offer better rates than the big banks and offer mortgage products with the client's best interest in mind. Every single aspect of our operations is built around this core philosophy, and we go out of our way to ensure our customers are satisfied with the service they receive.

We’ve helped thousands of customers ease their financial burdens and recover peace of mind, raise standards of living, and improve quality of life. It’s not just about lending you money; it’s about making lives better.

At we are able to see the big picture. We're big enough to matter and small enough to care.

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Our Process

         You submit an Online Application or fill out the application with us over the phone.
We forward the Online Application to the lender who will provide the best mortgage and rate based on your goals.

You provide supporting documentation, as required.

Lender approves Mortgage.

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