Working with a private mortgage lender in Ontario can ensure you get the loan you need.

Getting you the mortgage you deserve

Those with good credit and traditional employment situations often take for granted their ability to get low-interest loans from lenders. However, others struggle to find a lender that will extend them a loan for the purchase of a home. At Mortgage Captain, we believe that all Canadians have the right to own their own home, and we work with a number of lenders willing to extend credit even to those who’ve been turned down by banks. Working with a private mortgage lender in Ontario can help ensure that your goal of homeownership is reached.

A private mortgage lender is exactly what it sounds like. They are not banks or credit unions. In some instances, they’re nontraditional financial institutions. In others, they’re networks of private individuals. In all cases, they’re willing to take on additional risk, such as that posed by bad credit or bankruptcy, in exchange for a higher interest rate on the loan.

At Mortgage Captain, our goal is to ensure that you’re able to get the loan you need, but we structure private mortgages so they only last a year or two. This saves you money, but also gives you the opportunity to establish positive credit. When the original mortgage ends and is paid off, we’ll help you find a conventional lender more than happy to work with you.

If you’re struggling with high debt, bad credit, bankruptcy or divorce, and traditional lenders are turning you down, turn to us. Call Mortgage Captain today at 844-254-4376 and let us help you chart a course for success.

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